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Chester Whitmore is a national treasure, and no one interested in these dances should miss an opportunity like this.   

Chester Whitmore is a world renown tap dancer.  I don't think some people believe me when I tell them that.  He has studied under both Fayard Nicholas and John Bubbles, two of the greatest innovators of Tap in the history of the dance.  This video was recorded this past weekend at the Association of Black Women Physicians "Cotton Club Night" fundraiser.  You decide for yourself.  He is teaching beginning Tap, Swing and Vernacular Jazz Dance this Saturday at the Diversify Your Dance workshop: http://www.centralavedance.com/node/4873

Our group, the Central Avenue Dance Ensemble, is a non-profit dance group based out of the Vermont Square Methodist Church at 4410 S. Budlong, LA 90037. We have been working for the past year on a show titled "The History of Black Dance in America" http://www.HistoryOfBlackDance.org
As part of the fundraising effort to put on this performance, we have been doing a series of dance workshops in the community titled "Diversify Your Dance" http://www.DiversifyYourDance.org
The goal of these workshops is not only to raise funds, but to introduce the community to social dance styles that they otherwise would not have access to.
Chester Whitmore and The Central Ave Dance Ensemble present the "Diversify Your Dance II" Dance Workshop. This workshop is designed to introduce beginning dancers or dancers who currently only dance one or two styles to various other popular styles of dance such as:
Basic Lead and Follow (Partnering) , Tap , Line Dance I , Swing Dance, Waltz , Line Dance II , Night Club 2-Step, Vernacular Jazz Dance , Chicago Style Step , Argentine Tango , Hip Hop Soul
Come learn and enjoy multiple new styles of dancing to enhance your current repertoire. Just as we should diversify our stock portfolio, so we should also consider "diversifying our dance!"

Check here for the date of our next workshop and the dances being taught: www.DiversifyYourDance.org

WHEN: December 4, 2010
TIME: 11:00am to 6:00pm
Vermont Square United Methodist Church
4410 South Budlong (corner of Vernon and Budlong)
Los Angeles, CA 90037
323 293 8281 (church phone)