I Can't Do All That!

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"I can't do all that!"  Rene has said often that guys tell her this.  Roz recently told me that several people have said this to her in response to the picture on one of our "Diversify Your Dance" flyers.  But, no one had ever said this to me until last night at the OG ("Older Gentleman", Wow, I like that name!) Party at Hollywood Casino.  I had a good time there.  Saw and danced with lots of folks I hadn't seen in a while.  

Asked this one lady, who I had seen dancing with Mac and a couple others, and she said "Oh no, I've seen you dance.  I don't want to look silly out there!"  I tried mightily to convince her otherwise, but she stuck to her guns.  She went on to tell me that she only dances with people she "trains" with.  Oh, brother!  

Let me say for the record, that dance to me is about movement, not moves.  I dance with the person I'm dancing with.  I try to have the best time possible, each and every time. I was "trained" to recognize that the man is the frame, and the woman the picture. My job is to make her look good, not the other way around.  Consequently, a woman is not going to have a good time or look good unless she is comfortable, doing what she believes she can do.  I'm actually glad I went to this event, which was quite unlike most events I normally attend, because it reminded me of what's really important in dance: connecting and having a good time.  So, let's relax and dance and have a good time with each other.