Advice to Overweight, Uncoordinated Beginner

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Subject: Re: R and B Salsa Dancing?

From Ron Parker

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 11:45:45 -0800

There's no denying it: Having no rhythm or coordination, and being overweight will pose some problems for someone interested in learning to dance Salsa for the first time. But, these will be technical problems that can be overcome with dedication, hard work, and lots and lots and lots of practice.

What will make you a good dancer, however, has nothing to do with any of that. What will drive your dancing is what's in your heart, because all true great dancing originates from the heart and soul. My advice to you is to be prepared to work hard. It may or may not be easy at first. If you think you are embarrassed now, wait until you start making mistakes in front of other people -- and you will. What you have to keep in mind is that EVERYONE goes through pretty much the same process when learning to dance for the first time.

We all have things we have to overcome so that our true dancing selves can emerge from within. It might be hard for you, and it might be easy. Just remember that no matter how hard or frustrating or embarrassing it may get, do not give up.

One thing's for sure, once you get it, it's yours, and it's yours for the rest of your life. We are at the Rio tonight. You are invited to come down and start if you'd like.

Notice: Beginning this Monday, December 20, we will be having class at the Rio Cabaret. It is located at 214 S. La Brea Ave, just south of W. Manchester Blvd in Inglewood. Class will start at 7:00pm. No charge for this lesson. Woo Hoo! Map located at: Also, you can go to this URL to join our mailing list. Good luck to you and I hope you decide to go for it sooner or later. It will transform your life in a beautiful way.

- R and B Salsa

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> Hello Mr. Brown, My name is xxxx. I am very interested in learning R and B Salsa, and just dancing period. But, I have no rhytm or no coordination at all. Plus, I am over weight. I do not know how much of a problem this will pose. But, I am dying to do this. I just wanted to know what you thought about me doing it? I mean, I am nervous and a little embarrassed, but my heart is dying to do this. Can you give me some advise on what you think? Your input is greatly appreciated, especially since you are a dancer. Thank you so much for your time. You can reach me at:


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