You Never Know Who You're Dancing Dancing With

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We recently, or rather, I recently posted some discussions on the importance of our (USADance LA) dance hosts smiling and being affable.

I was at Camp Hollywood this past Friday.  It's a big Swing/Lindy Hop conference.  I saw Rusty Frank there, from Rusty's Rhythm Club and asked her to dance.  It was a slow Swing tune, so I started doing my Parker Walk (Ballroom a la Fred Astaire).  Just as we began dancing, she abruptly stopped and grabbed a little old lady and told me to dance with her.

I kind of wanted to dance with Rusty, but as I endeavor to always be friendly and affable, I danced with the little grey haired lady.  She was amall, and a bit advanced in age.  I could feel a little dificulty in some movements for her, but I was able to easily adjust to her abilities. The more I danced with her, the more I was able to get into it and make her look good. In all, she was a wonderful dancer and we had a great time.

Rusty whispered to me afterwards, "Do you know who she is?"  I replied "No.".  She said, "I'll tell you later."  She never told me.  So, below is our subsequent email exchange:

Yeah, baby!!!!!

The number is called "One Girl and Two Boys" from the movie "Swing Fever" -- it's all over Youtube.  Start bragging!!!!!!!!

Jean was married to one of the most famous ballroom dancers ever - Frank Veloz.  (Of Veloz and Yolanda).  She was his second wife.  She was his dance partner after Frank... and she loves ballroom dancing.  She had a blast dancing with you.


Ron wrote:
Oh, yeah!  I know her!  She's in one of my favorite dance numbers, I  think it's called "Two Sailors and a Girl" or "Two Guys and a Girl" or  something like that.  But, I'd recognize that face anywhere!

Yeah, Baby!

Thank you for that link!  I got to dance with a living legend!  Whoo-hoo!


Quoting Rusty:

That was the legendary Jean Veloz.

Take a look at her here:

It was hard to give up that dance.  But for her....

Central Avenue Dance Ensemble wrote:

Hi Rusty:

Good seening you last night -- even if I didn't get to dance a   whole dance with you.  The lady you gave me to dance with was   really fun.  However, you never told me who she was.  I'd like to   know.


-Ron Parker