Lack of Etiquette in the Salsa Crowd

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Here is a link to a recent LA Times article: "Dancing is not an extreme sport", discussing the lack of etiquette in some Salsa venues.

While this article focuses on the rudeness on the floor, I'll go a step further and say that one of the reasons I don't do Salsa as much is because of the general lack of social graces in some of these crowds.

I'm not going to paint with a broad brush here because I was recently at a couple of Salsa parties, house parties, one really big out in Venice on the 4th of July.  The big one was loud, boistrus, overcrowded -- and everyone seemed very polite.  I had a great time.

But I've even recorded in this Blogs incidents with rude Salsa people: asking women to dance and getting weird comments, seeing women turn down one invite just to quickly turn around and dance with someone else, etc...  Simple things, perhaps, but things that are important, or should be, to the social dancer.

I attended a dance at Camp Hollywood last night (LAX Marriott). This is a big Lindy Hop / Swing conference.  The dancers there are just as young, just as loud, just as boistrus, just as energetic, and just as showy as their Salsa counterparts.  But, you'd be amazed at how polite and well-mannered, and fun natured, a room full of 400+ young men and woman can be.

So, my suggestion to these young Salseros and Salseras:  Show some real class.  That is not determined by how big your muscles are, or how good you look in your tight dresses, or even by how well you dance and showboat, but by your attitude.  You're all getting older, and eventually the good looks and raw talent won't be enough to get you by.  You'll need something else.  It's called character.  Not only will it last you for the rest of your life, but everyone else around you will appreciate it more than you know.