2007 American Lindy Hop Championships Winners

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Happy Holidays,
It's time to place your order for ALHC's 2007 DVD set. This year's set is $149. It has lots of unforgettable footage plus the class videonotebook. Check out the list of winners at http://artspectrum.org/alhc07.htm
And in case you weren't at ALHC, The Memorable Routines Disk from the 1st through the 9th years of ALHC is only $49 for the 2-disk set. Check out the contents at http://artspectrum.org/enews.htm.
You may not have heard, but Lindy is going to be a competitive event in the 2012 summer Olympics. It is also supposed to be part of the 2010 World Games. My personal opinion is that Lindy would be better received - broadcast - if it were part of the winter games not the summer. The IOC, I guess, decided when and where it would be included. The winners from the American Showcase Division are eligible to compete for the USA on the world level. If you are interested let me know. I'll pass it on. I know the USA contingent is looking to put together a team to compete in London 2012 and the warm-up event in 2010.
Mark you calendars for Oct. 17-20, 2008 for the 11th American Lindy Hop Championshps.
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