Choreography for 2010 Dance: "God Bless The Child"

We've got 22 8 Counts (44 bars of music) of dance.

Note that the last 10 bars we need something going on musically to match the dancer's movements.

Setting: The singer has just finished singing "God Bless The Child" with the female dancers.

2 8cts Men's Entrance

At the end of this song, the ladies walk to stage right, single file, as the men walk in from stage left, single file. The ladies circle back upstage, picking up the additional dancer, and line up up stage of the men.

2 8cts

Ladies assume different poses at the top of each 8ct while the men perform their choreography.

1 8ct Men Place Skirts on Ladies

Ladies cross arms as men execute paso doble move with skirts. Men run back and wrap ladies with the skirts.

1 8ct

Using skirts, men bring ladies 2 steps forward and the ladies do a 360 left turn to face audience with arms up. On count "5" ladies swivel hips to music, first swivel to the right.

Men are fastening the skirts on behind the ladies.

1 8ct Start of Couple Movements

On 1-2, the man lunges to lady's right side, extending his right hand palm up. The lady looks to her right, looks at the extended hand, and gracefully (almost arrogantly) places her right hand on the man's hand.

On 3-4, the man brings the ladies right arm over her head and lunges to her left and slight forward of her, looking into her eyes. The lady looks at the man, somewhat bemused.

On 5-6-7-8, the man leads the lady into an inside turn with a face loop as he brings the lady just left of his center.

Lady ends with left arm down, taking skirt.

1 8ct Ladies Back Lunge

Man places his right hand on his hip and leads lady to back lunge to his left.

Lady extends left arm out, pulling skirt back, as she lunges back (right knee bent, left leg straight back, upper body centered, back arched, head tilted to left as if to look behind her)

This is a photo moment, so fill it with drama. The men should be "Rico Suave" (really, really cool and determined), the ladies, as always, confident, soft and elegant.

Hold this position to count "4".

Man brings lady up to her left foot by count "5".

Lady steps on left on "5", right on "6", then does right pivot turn and a half on "7-8", still traveling towards stage right, to end up facing upstage.

Ladies remember to continue holding skirt throughout this movement.

Man waits until last possible moment and does a quick right turn to catch up to the lady, just to her right, facing the audience. He takes her right hand into his right hand.

1 8ct Side Kicks to Develope

On 1-2 the man and lady both step side to left with right foot and kick out left (toe pointed) with left foot.

On 3-and-4, the lady stays perfectly still while the man travels back to pick her up in shadow position. You are facing upstage at this point.

On 5, both the man and lady take a BIG step back and right with the right foot as man leads lady back towards stage right (you are now facing stage left). One more big step back on count "6".

On 7-8, lady developes with right leg. Ladies look at the lady ahead of you to make sure you are all synchronized with this. And, the higher you can get your leg, the better. And, don't forget to point your toe.

1 8ct

On 1-2, lady places foot back to floor and couple holds.

On 3-and-4, man travels under ladies arm, turning to his left and switching to right to left hand hold in open position.

On 5-6-7-8, man pulls lady forward gently, and she walks towards him regally, stopping in front of him facing the audience.

1 8ct Goddess of Love Statue Pose

Lady brings her feet together.

Man places his right toe directly, and firmly, behind ladies left heel. Man takes ladies left wrist in his left hand. Men, get and hold your balance!

Lady slowly leans forward, arching back and keeping behind in. As she leans forward, she slowly raises her right arm towards the sky. She looks at her hand as it slowly rises. Ladies, make sure you focus on balancing your weight on your LEFT foot, not your right.

The man slowly lunges back on his left leg as he extends his arm to his right, palm up.

This is shoudl be a gradual movement, with the men matching the ladies speed and grace, and all couples synchronized.

This is what you do for the entire 8 count, so don't rush it. Take your time, and make it look DRAMATIC.

1 8ct

On 1-2-3-4, lady turns to her left and takes man's right hand in her right hand over their heads.

On 5-6-7-8, couple exchanges position, lady turning outside as man brings left hand up and right hand down.

1 8ct

Man steps to lady's right side and circles around her, bringing her hands to his shoulders. He faces audience, she is standing behind him.

Men, look at the other men so that you synchronize this movement. You should all start and end at the same time. This is a slow, easy, but deliberate movement. You are in charge, act like it.

1 8ct Back Lean

Man slowly lunges forward on his right leg as lady leans on his back. Man is looking back at the lady as he lunges.

Lady is slowly moving her left leg up back of man's left leg. Note that the knee is pointed out in this movement, not in. And, as usual, the toe is pointed down.

Couple goes down on 1-2-3-4 and back up on 5-6-7-8.

Ladies follow the men.

Men, you need to look at the others around you so that this movement is synchronized.

1 8ct Corte

This is a quick movement.

On 1-2-3-4 the men must step side, turn the ladies to their right in front of you with your left hand, loop your left hand over their head, then your head, then take their right hand into closed position.

The ladies must turn out right from behind their partners to face them, then assume the ballroom frame (left hand under man's right arm, palm down, arched back, head tilted gently to left).

On count "5" we all execute the corte. And hold it until count "8".

Ladies, you follow. DO NOT execute this movement unless your partner leads it.

Men, follow my lead if I am performing downstage. If not, follow the lead of man to your left. If there is no one to your left, and I am not downstage, then you are the lead. We're following you.

1 8ct

On 1-2-3 the man steps the lady back right on her left foot, then both step downstage on their left feet.

On count "4" the couple stashes (bounces) forward, then on count "5" the man side lunges to the left as the lady wraps her left leg around his.

Hold this position, with the man and lady both looking at each other, through 6-7-8.

Again, from this point on, synchronizaton of movement is very critical. Ladies, DO NOT attempt to execute ANY of these movements ahead of your partner. The men will be responsible for synchronizing the initiation and execution of these movements with the other leaders, and in order to do this they must have your FULL cooperation.

1 8ct Leg Wrap Lunge

On count "1", the man will twist his body to the left and lift the lady up onto his lap.

The lady will cross her right leg over her left leg and sit on her partner's lap.

On count "5 ", the man will twist his body to the left to lead the dismount.

The lady will lift her right leg in a high arch over the left, then chase the right leg with the left leg, crossing it over the right leg and placing it on the floor to the right.

Ladies, this must be a BIG movement, so use the support of your man to get your legs as high up as you can.

Ladies: Do not initiate ANY of these movements on your own. The man must lead this and try to synchronize with the other leaders. If you jump up on his lap, or dismount before he is ready, not only will you make you and your partner look sloppy, but you will make the entire team look clumsy and uncoordinated. Please do not do it. We've all worked too hard.

1 8ct

On 1-2-3-4: Upon dismount from the leg wrap lunge, the man will lead the lady in a double outside turn to an explosion line (man and lady both facing the audience, holding hands right to left, looking at each other - i.e., Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers pose).

On 5-6-7-8: The man will lead the lady in a left free spin back to him. The lady will turn twice to her left and end up in front of her partner facing the audience.

2 8cts The Fish Lift

At this point, there really is no count. The men will follow the leader (me or person to left).

Men will embrace ladies for Fish Lift. Ladies must follow men at this point. Men will go down, and ladies must jump up into the lift. Ladies should extend their left legs outward and straight on the "set".

When the man lifts the lady, she should keep her body straight, right arm pointed straight to stage left, left leg straight with toe pointed to stage right, right toe pointed into left knee, right knee pointed to floor.

Ladies very important: FOCUS ON YOUR RIGHT HAND. If you try and look at the room as the man is turning, you are going to get dizzy and disorientated.

The man will make two full rotations with the lady. At the end of the second rotation, the man will slowly dip the lady, head towards the floor, feet towards the ceiling.

As the man slowly executes this dip (he lunges back on his left leg), the lady slowly rolls her right hand in and across her bosom. She looks at is and only it as she performs this movement.

The man brings the lady up and places her feet gently on the floor.

2 8cts The Curtsey and Ending

The lady steps to the man's right, turning right into a curtsey as she takes his right hand in her left and goes down to her knee. She lifts the right side of her skirt with her right hand.

When the lady is down, the man takes a left step in front of the lady and jumps turing left to come down on his right knee. He claps while in the air. He takes the ladies right hand in his left hand and helps her up as he remains on knee.

Lady walks around man, slowly, regally, then spins and sits on his right leg facing the audience.

The couple faces the audience.




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