Paradise Found!!!!!!!

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Pardon the liberties taken from that old classic movie, "Paradise Lost", but Tony's Salsa Socials are a "Paradise Found" for any brother who loves to salsa, regardless of his skill level. I don't know about you, but I've gotten tired of hearing stories from all of the old school salseros about "how it used to be in the clubs". They would rave on and on about the disproportionate number of women who would come out to the salsa joints to get their swerve on and leave the clubs frustrated because of the few numbers of men dance partners available. They would tell me how the brothers (two and three deep) would get dressed up in their two-toned salsa shoes, baggy clothing, with brim tilted to the side and make their royal entrance into the clubs. You know, with that strut that says that "I'm here to bring it"..."can you hang"? They would tell me about the walls of the clubs being adorned by gorgeously attired women, eyes agleamed and full of adoration and anticipation. Aw man, it was "pick and choose" because the odds were in your favor; you couldn't go wrong. You were guaranteed a night of serious, steamy and sweaty salsa dancing.


Of course, just "discovering" or being introduced to salsa 2 - 3 years ago, I missed this "golden age for a brother" (smile). I go out dancing six nights a week and the "pendulum has shifted"; times have achanged. I have yet to go to a club or salsa party where the odds favor a brother. I rarely see a 1:1 ratio of men to women in the spots that I frequent. It seems as though many women dancers decided to stop going out as much because there wouldn't be enough male dancers available to dance, while at the same time, the brothers (males) increased their numbers in the clubs. Unfortunately for ME, the odds are more like 2:1 now in the clubs.....with the women enjoying a full night of dancing, with the option (or luxury) of "picking and choosing" as we once did in the "golden era". Man, its rough for the brothers with "low self-confidence and minimal salsa skills"; they are in for a long night in most cases. Talk about role reversal!!


Anyway, back to my main point.....Tony's December Salsa Social made me recollect what it must have been like "back in the day" on the salsa scene for a brother. Even though it rained slightly, the Hollywood Dance Studio was packed that night! And, the odds were in OUR favor. Matter of fact, the odds were so disproportional, that was even intimidating (smile). Because my math gets bad when I sip Brandy and Coke, I'm not really sure how accurate my calculations were......but it must have been 3,4,or 5:1. I could have sworn that it was 4 or 5 women there for every one guy!!!!! Man, DJ Jaime was jamming!!!!! Some brothers shunned their social responsibility by trying to sit and chat with particular women throughout the night, but brothers like me (and their were a few of us) did what we could to "entertain the masses" and to "fulfill our social obligation".


Yea, looking back, it was difficult and cost us a lot of sweat and effort...but hey, someone had to do it. Keep in mind that this didn't come without a cost. After dancing every song for two hours straight, I was through....battery was drained...legs were shot....neatly pressed suit was crinkled and wet. Unable to be of any further value to those women still aching to get their salsa swerve on, I retreated out of the back door into the night to get some rest for the next time.


Speaking of the next time, brothers need to get their rest, hone their skills and mark their calendars for Tony's next Salsa Social on Saturday, January 13th. Again, it will be at the Hollywood Dance Studio, 817 N. Highland, from 9:00 - until. Brothers, we will need YOUR help because I'm pretty sure the women will be out there again looking for YOU. Yea, I'm prone to exaggerate sometimes - with or without my Brandy and Coke - but, if you've got the time....come on out and check it dance or to just see if "I was tripping about FINDING PARADISE.

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