Dancers Wanted

We need two dancers, one male, one female, for the History of Black Dance in America production.

A general description of the project, and the dances to be performed, is here.

The requirements for the people we are looking for:

  • Over the age of 18.
  • Currently a dancer.
  • Able to easily adapt to new dance styles.
  • Able to learn choreography quickly.
  • Able to rehearse, at a minimum, Monday and Friday nights in Los Angeles for the next several months.
  • Strongly interested in participating in this community effort.

Interested parties should contact us for an audition:


  • How long has this project been established?
    Since October of 2009.
  • How many dancers do you currently have?
    8.  We feel we need 10 to get to where we want to go.
  • When will this production take place?
    We are aiming for Spring of 2010.   However, we don't intend to schedule performances until we feel we are ready.
  • Does this production have funding?
    We have funding to put on the performances.  We are seeking additional funding to tour both nationally and internationally.
  • Do you have to be Black to dance in this production?
    Absolutely not.  These dances are a gift to the world from Africa.  We seek individuals who wish to learn these dances in order to share with the rest of the world.
  • Are the rehearsals paid?
    Currently, no.  This is a collaborative effort.  You should only get involved if you believe that the ideals of this project are worthy of your time and effort.  As the production comes together, we hope to get the funding to pay for rehearsals.
  • Are the performances paid?
  • What is your age limit for dancers?  Will you accept older dancers?
    There is no age limit.  Yes, we will accept older dancers, so long as they can dance.  All of the dances in our production are social dances, danced by people of all ages over the last 200+ years.  We want dancers who know  how to dance with energy, conviction as well as a sense of fun.
  • What dance experience do you require?
    If you have performed as a dancer, that is good.  But, it is not a requirement.  What is required is that you currently dance and are able to learn new dance styles and choreography quickly.


Groups audience: 
History of Black Dance in America